Subjects and Tasks

The central theme of the GLASSAC11 will be: "Innovative technologies in glass art, design and conservation from the 19th to the 21st century - the role of the sciences"

Generally the GLASSAC-conference tries to unite science and art. Just with one aim: to find optimal solutions to conserve historical glass and to work with modern glass, which shall endure for centuries without any loss of quality.

As a result the scope of the congress includes all aspects of the history, the technology, and the manufacture of glass and glass artefacts. The last themes of the GLASSAC were:

  • Bronze Age glass
  • Hellenistic, Roman and Islamic glass
  • Medieval stained glass window
  • Glass in the 18th and 19th century
  • Contemporary glass
  • Façon-de-Venise glass
  • Dating and provenance of glass
  • Archaeometry of glass
  • Mould-blown glass
  • Restoration and conservation of glass
  • Glass technology production
  • Glass decoration and enamel
  • Raw materials
  • Glass corrosion and weathering


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